Extras / PC

Apex to PUBG Swap


Pay $49.99 to swap all of your remaining time from our Apex Legends cheat to our PUBG cheat. Apex Legends time was and continues to be paused during all downtime of the cheat. So, in a made up example, let's say you bought 3 months, 2 month goes by, and you've only been able to use the cheat for 1 month. In this example, you would get 2 months of our PUBG cheat since you only were able to actively use Apex Legends for 1 month despite it having been 2. If you have Apex Legends lifetime, you will swap to PUBG lifetime for this $50 payment. This swap is permanent. If you don't have any Apex Legends time remaining and there is no error made on our end, you will be refunded without any PUBG access being given.

GTA V Menu to Service


Pay $9.99 to swap your GTA V mod menu (PC) for a 100% guaranteed never to cause a ban or reset service of any rank, 5-15 billion cash and unlock all on your GTA Online character (PC). Earlier this year, after the casino update, we found that some of our customers got banned using our mod menu. Since then, we created a network method for rank, cash and unlocks that is 100% safe (and works for Xbox One and PS4 too)! Pay $10 and we will disable your currently useless key for the detected mod menu and will login to your GTA V PC account ourselves and give you any rank you want, 5-15 billion cash and unlock all with no risk involved. If you purchased our fun mod menu, you get 5 billion. If you purchased our recovery menu, you get 10 billion. If you purchased both, you get 15 billion. Only customers who purchased our menu(s) at full price are permitted to do this (meaning that if you are a user who purchased a service and got a menu trial for free, you may not use this swap).