1. My reputation:

I began selling my work in 2014 on gaming forums. I’ve also sold my work through general advertising since then.

Over the 6 years I have been selling, I’ve gained tens of thousands of reviews, all of which are off of my website and instead on third party regulated review websites and forums to ensure authenticity. I also am certain to only sell on forums that have a high reputation for not being corrupt or protecting trusted sellers.

2. My refund policy:

I accept safe payment methods and have a flexible refund policy, which is rare in this market.

It’s just me (Cameron) and my two employees Hal and Matt. Make no mistake, despite our small team, we will be able to service you with quality.

EPVP reasonably rules that sellers must backlink their threads on any website(s) for verification:


We also have threads on Se7ensins, TheTechGame and other misc forums.

Cheats are like cars in that they are not all equal. In fact, like cars, cheats have a huge range of factors that build into quality.

For the last several large game releases, GatorCheats.com has released a cheat before any other provider. In addition, we have also remained undetected longer for these titles than any other provider. We are known for releasing first, lasting the longest and having the best quality behind our work.

There is a big difference between a MW / Warzone cheat and a MW / Warzone cheat from GatorCheats.com. Many of our customers came to us from other providers, seeking something better.

Of course, we must also mention the fact that most cheat providers in this market, especially for new games, are a flat-out scam (i.e. selling a detected cheat, stealing money, etc).

If you ordered a cheat, it should come within 30 minutes. However, allow up to 24 hours maximum.

If you ordered a service such as a lobby or a recovery, you will be given an ETA upon your purchase.

If we can't get your product working correctly for you, you'll absolutely receive a full refund. However a common misconception is that disputing or charging back is an appropriate way to request a refund. It's not. Please email, text, Telegram and Discord myself and staff to ensure it's clear you want a refund, then wait up to 72 hours for it to be sent. Disputing or charging back takes 13 to 30 days and despite hurting us and not being the appropriate way to request a refund, it takes way longer.