BTC Buyers Now Receive 25% OFF For ALL Items! Card & Other General Methods Still Accepted!


1. My reputation:

I began selling my work in 2014 on gaming forums. I’ve also sold my work through general advertising since then.

Over the 6 years I have been selling, I’ve gained tens of thousands of reviews, all of which are off of my website and instead on third party regulated review websites and forums to ensure authenticity. I also am certain to only sell on forums that have a high reputation for not being corrupt or protecting trusted sellers.

2. The payment methods I accept:

Many providers in this market want BTC, family payments, friend payments or equally unsafe payment methods from customers in order to ensure that when you realize they aren’t the real deal, you can’t get your money back from them.

While I do accept BTC for those who want to pay using it, I accept all general safe & protected payment methods that the online purchasing community uses for purchases of all types. If something went wrong, you would have buyer protection to fix it.

Even if you’ve never heard of, because of the payment methods we accept, you won’t have to take a risk in choosing us.

It’s just me (Cameron) and my two employees Hal and Matt. Make no mistake, despite our small team, we will be able to service you with quality and speed.

EPVP reasonably rules that sellers must backlink their threads on any website(s) for verification:

We also have threads on Se7ensins, TheTechGame and other misc forums.

Cheats are like cars in that they are not all equal. In fact, like cars, cheats have a huge range of factors that build into quality.

For the last several large game releases, has released a cheat before any other provider. In addition, we have also remained undetected longer for these titles than any other provider. We are known for releasing first, lasting the longest and having the best quality behind our work.

There is a big difference between a MW cheat and a MW cheat from Many of our customers came to us from other providers, seeking something better.

Of course, we must also mention the fact that most cheat providers in this market, especially for new games, are a flat-out scam (i.e. selling a detected cheat, stealing money, etc).

For software, you will get your software instantly after the payment is verified by a staff member. Keep in mind that if you order during USA night hours, this may take until USA morning hours.

GTA V services and MW services are done quickly in the order they are received. You will receive communication right after you order and every step of the way.

EFT is an invite only cheat. You would have to buy MW or DBD first and show yourself as a trusted user of our cheats to be considered for an EFT cheat invite. You may also purchase a GTA V or MW service, and if you are an active member of our communities, we will consider you for an invite.

If we can't get your product working correctly for you, you'll absolutely receive a full refund.

You add what you want to your cart, you checkout, and for each item you ordered, you will get a text and an email with a link to pay various methods. Once paid, delivery begins. You are welcome to pay for all items at once or individually.

You run our loader, inject the cheat, start the game and then press the assigned hot keys to use the cheat. A full tutorial is sent with every delivery.

Since all 3 of us are based in the USA, even though we spread our daily hours out, we don't cover the hours of 12AM to 8AM MST very well. Please expect only the best support from us during USA daytime hours, though. And remember, you can still purchase even if we are offline.